I get asked very often, how do you even manage to do office and blogging together? Sometimes I feel I get more credit for time management than I deserve. It is true, hustling is my way of life. I am constantly working- planning or executing. But a lot of people do that and in some ways I feel I am lucky to have understanding and helpful colleagues, family and friends around me.

However, keeping all that aside, The one thing I know for sure is – You gotta put in the frickin work! Don’t just plan but also execute.

Working hard is a way of life for me. There’s always some form of sacrifice involved. To get better things in life you need to let go of things you can do without. For me it is entertainment in many forms. I may miss it at times but I don’t really desire it. I am absolutely cool with a life where I don’t get time to party often. It is up to us how we choose our lives and I love how my life is turning out every day <3

Even right now I’m writing this in the train while I am on my way to attend an event after which, I’ll be going to office. I love this hectic life of mine 😀

How do you want your life to be? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time- love a lot, smile a lot and live the good life!



Watch : Daniel Wellington
Blouse : Westside Stores
Pencil Skirt : Forever 21
Pumps : Forever 21
Cuff : Daniel Wellington

Photography : Samiksha Borikar
Modelling & Styling : Megha Ray

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  1. Hard working lady. Really impressed that you made backlinks of Wooplr account as well. Was not expecting that much hardwork on an kind of affiliate marketing platform

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