This particular story marks the first time a digital editorial with complete set designing was created by The Good Life. Before I even begin, I am much thankful to the fab team I worked with on this project! It was wonderful to share the passion equally with every single person involved in creating ‘Pastels‘. I…

Slumber Party!

The most happening slumber party with Loreal, Xiaomi and Baskin Robbins!

Street Style Sunday

Serving you some tough street look in my Street Style Sunday outfit story.

My Diwali Outfit

Happy Diwali everyone! Wishing you all loads of happiness, love and prosperity. Don’t scare babies and animals, have a safe and beautiful Diwali 😀 I am back here, serving you some festive twirls and poses in my current favorite traditional attire which my Mom purchased from Vasansi. The subtly vibrant hues of pink, gathered flowy…

Out Of Control

Time is passing, yet here we are Trapped by our urge to control all that matters to us. It is about time we realize, it is only ourselves That we have control on, Our actions and our thoughts. And anything beyond us is out of control. Let us see the world as it is, And…