Street Style Sunday

Serving you some tough street look in my Street Style Sunday outfit story.


I get asked very often, how do you even manage to do office and blogging together? Sometimes I feel I get more credit for time management than I deserve. It is true, hustling is my way of life. I am constantly working- planning or executing. But a lot of people do that and in some…

Keeping It Simple : ft. All About You From Deepika Padukone

Being a Science student and currently working as a Programmer, math (or problem solving) has always played an integral role in my life. The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. Although a lot of us understand this, sadly we don’t always seem to apply it…

To The Women

She wakes up in the morning, not knowing how long she slept. “Definitely not enough”, she thinks. She checks her cellphone, “Oh damn! Only four hours.” But she knows she can’t have those ‘five minutes’ of extra sleep, she’s got lots to do. She looks at the mirror, it is not one of those days…

The Puma #DoYou Movement

My experience planking with hundreds of women at the Puma #DOYOU movement and breaking The Guinness Book of World Records!