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Hey there!

I am glad you visited my website¬†and ended up here to know me better ūüôā

My name is Megha and I am from Mumbai. Like every other Mumbaikar, I’m trying to make my way through¬†the hustle and bustle¬†here while chasing my dreams. I’ve done my engineering in Computer Science¬†from Mumbai University and am currently working as a Software Developer. ¬†But then like everyone else, there’s more to me than just my academics and that’s what gave birth to my blog ūüôā

Dance, fashion and all things art have always been an integral part of my life since childhood. My blog is a reflection of everything I love doing. It is a sweet escape from the usual mundane life and a journey of self exploration and happiness.

My blog, The Good Life manifested due to my one simple feeling and the strongest one , love. It is my love for creativity, for doing things that interest me,  for spreading the joy that I experience and for living a good life! It is about all things I love РFashion, beauty, travel, food and a great lifestyle!

As a person I’m quite a thrill seeker! Always wanna feel that adrenaline rush inside me. I can also be a very confused person but I am addicted to solving problems and finding my way out through all the confusion. But at the same time I can also be very laid back, trying to find happiness in small things and oh yes! I’m a crazy cat lady (who also loves dogs) ūüėÄ

When it comes to fashion, the label is not always necessary for me . I just need to feel good about the purchase I make. My outfit should fit me in a way that it was just made for me and that’s when with no thought, I make some space for new stuff in my closet! I need to be in peace with myself when I put something on, which comes through some good originality, honesty and confidence.

Beauty for me is being as natural as possible in my¬†own skin. I am not a huge fan of putting on layers of make up, but I love collecting good shades of lipsticks. I am all about some lip color, eyeliner and wearing a smile as often as I can ūüôā I believe in having a good lifestyle and following¬†skincare and haircare routines that help enhance beauty naturally. But trust me, it is all about how beautiful you are inside <3

When it comes to food, my appetite is just opposite to my size ūüėÄ I love trying new dishes and am a big big foodie.

Come join me in this journey of love and passion as I keep hustling to accomplish my goals while also trying to live a simple and a happy life. I thank eveyone who’s been with me and will continue being with me in this journey, which includes every single person I’ve ever interacted with and all you readers! ūüôā

‚ÄúLet yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.‚ÄĚ – Rumi

Stay updated on all my social media accounts and do get in touch with me with your views, requests and ideas. I hope I can make Fashion and Lifestyle a better experience for all of you! Together let’s¬†slay ’em all ūüėČ


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        I also want to become like u pls can u help me

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